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The Jedi Master The Jedi Master

Rated 5 / 5 stars

so dope it's pedo

dude this shit has such a caspa feel, like on par with his stuff, it's sickk!!!

N00b's Victory Tune N00b's Victory Tune

Rated 5 / 5 stars

you should be mercifully uplifted

shit rox

BloodyN00b responds:

I love how your review is the exact opposite of the previous one, funny =P
This piece was pretty fun to make, so I'll probably try writing more music like it.
Ultimately, I want to learn how to create something that sounds Irish.

BAZ - Trippy Lemonade Dub BAZ - Trippy Lemonade Dub

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

oirhaoiwdasd hurr im a horse

just wanna point out that electronic dub by definition is dubstep (dubstep can be grimey or chilled like this track), but it's a kickin tune regardless!

definitely hear the original influence in it, too many people lose that getting caught up in all the grime and filth lately.

i likes! keep up the good work :]

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BAZmotherfucker responds:

Thanks for the clarification. I just don't really associate much with dubstep. My dub influences come much more from hip hop, reggae, and ska dub. I've never been too big of a fan of dubstep in general, but I'm a big fan of Hallucinogen's In Dub album (not grimey at all, very psychedelic and almost ambient), and I think that's the kind of sound I was going for. I guess I've always seen dub as it's own genre - no matter what kind of instruments it uses. But I'm glad you like it. :]